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The Graduate Program of Literary Studies (Pós-Lit)

The Graduate Program in Letters of FALE (Faculty of Letters) of the Federal University of Minas Gerias (UFMG) was originally created in the first academic semester of 1973 and was later restructured in second academic semester of 1975. The Program, in its origin, was divided into three areas of concentration at the Masters level: Linguistics, English Language Literature, and Brazilian Literature. In 1984, a Doctoral Studies option was approved in Comparative Literature. In 1993, the Program was divided into two parts, thus creating the Program of Letters in Linguistic Studies and the Program of Letters in Literary Studies. The latter is recognized as Pós-Lit, which had in its implementation, five areas of concentration: Brazilian Literature (Masters studies), English Language Literature (Masters studies), Literary Theory (Masters studies), and Comparative Literature (Doctoral studies). The lines of research were: Literature and Psychoanalysis, Poetics of Modernity, Literature and other Semiotic Systems, Comparative Theory, Literature and Expressions of Otherness, and Historical and Cultural Memory. In the initial organization of the Program, Lines of Researchwere considered cross sections to complement the Areas of Concentration, an innovative model that remains in current practice. Due to delays in processing between the Program and CAPES, the restructuring process that separated the Linguistics and Literary Studies program was put into effect officially in 1998.

In all evaluations prior to 1998, the Program was awarded a grade Aby CAPES. In the biennial evaluation for the period of 1996-1997, the Program was awarded the highest grade, six, available to newly administered programs. In the triennial evaluation of the period 1998-2000 the Program earned a grade of seven, the maximum score possible, which was repeated in all subsequent evaluations. These grades reflect the fact that CAPES recognizes the Program as a national and international reference of excellence. (...)

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